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The Rally

As you (should) know, on March 24th, Atheist Nexus will join America’s leading secular organizations in hosting the Woodstock for nontheists! The Reason Rally is FREE to attend and will take place on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Speakers and performers include: Richard Dawkins, Tim Minchin, Adam Savage, Jessica Ahlquist, Taslima Nasrin, Paul Provenza, James Randi, Lawrence Krauss, and Bad Religion! (Plus, some serious “Mystery Guests).

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The Greatest Marketing Movement in American History

In 2000 the millennium fear of a crash of our American society triggered by a crash of the internet services across America brought a quiet solution of non activity. America reeled in the quiet that followed the months of terrorism fears that the nation was vulnerable for a possible destruction from foreign terrorism.

What on earth could fill the void of tension that simply fizzled out? The great marketing brain Karl Rove jumped in with a new plan to change the agenda of the Republican Party and give it a new paint job that would sweep in new blood starting with the White House and including all members of Congress.

Mr. Rove and his comrades had to first find a Candidate for the White House who would follow this new agenda and guarantee him a win in the Presidential election.

“Let’s market the churches to vote and remove the separation of church and state and return America to Christian values.” The new marketing program promised federal grants to the churches as the “Bush New Deal” and added some perks like prohibitions on gay marriages, abortions, birth control and death with dignity. It was brilliant!

The Christian churches across America became the most active Lobby in a matter of months. Governor Bush of Texas won in a flurry of first time Christian voters. This fit into the “End of Times” scenario throughout the Christian world. The marketing game included bringing all Americans into salvation by accepting Jesus Christ. Wow! Not since the Inquisitions of Europe has this much activity been found. The weakened Republican Party found their agenda for a new America and if one scratches the surface a New World Order under Jesus Christ. They couldn’t wait to bomb Iraq and destroy Baghdad that had been the center of civilization.

The redesign of the Republican Party was done openly and the Party became the new American religion. The U.S. Constitution is being upgraded to include the words of the New Testament. A Constitutional Amendment to accept the prohibitions making committing sins, a federal crime is being worked on at this time.

What is left of the GOP are a bunch of naïve fools who believe they are running as God’s representatives and the most extreme Christian will be crowned as the most Conservative. Steve Jobs could have not done a better job of marketing an entire new political movement.

The problem is that it is impossible to expose the horrors of this plan. America is not a Christian nation but a nation based on individual freedoms. We don’t have to believe in Jesus Christ or even in a God. At this point in our American civilization we should stand tall for all Americans.

March of 2012 introduced the lowest of the low of the influence of the religious right and that was a strike against Women’s rights….again. This is followed by the loss of gay rights to marry and terminally ill Americans the right to die painlessly.

I have been a patient Republican since Eisenhower and even though I have not liked the chosen candidates in the past, I have had men like Perot to guide us back to our chosen values. That option is no longer a choice.

We Republicans are forced up against a brick wall lined in barbed wire under a layer of crosses. I do not see Republicans as an annoying threat to freedom but a terrorist movement into hell and damnation. Damnit, I’m a capitalist and my own government screwed up that position through a level of corruption that seems to follow nations who are Christian in their laws.

I learned as a child that anything done in the name of Jesus Christ is justified. America takes this as a new low. The marketing scheme will self-destruct in a flurry of pitting Americans against other Americans. Nobody wins!

Sandra J. Price



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